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Nokia Pureview 41-Megapixel Camera Phone with Windows Phone Appears in “Leaked” Promotion

Nokia showed off the impressive 41-megapixel camera phone Pureview 808 back at the Mobile World Congress in February/March and made its intentions know that this would not be a one of a kind gadget and that the sharp shooting high detail capturing shooter would surface in future gadgets.

The Pureview 808 runs on Nokia’s native Symbian operating platform, but heads are now turning to the company’s partnership with Microsoft as a series of “leaked” shots have appeared suggesting that the next Pureview gadget will feature the Windows Phone OS as found on the popular Lumia range. Three gadgets are pictured in what looks like an official promotional document and the device appears as a robust looking unit, much like the original Pureview 808.

Featuring bright colours in uniform with previous handsets in the Nokia/Microsoft union, the differences on this one include a notable lip at the bottom and a swelled section to the top, presumably for gripping when utilising the 41-megapixel shooter. The Nokia Pureview branding features and the Windows Phone symbol can be seen on the back of one of the phones pictured which look set to be released in a choice of colours – Black, Yellow and Pink.

Additional detail is revealed as text and states this Nokia Pureview Windows Phone will feature 4.3” curved touchscreen with HD display, that 41MP sensor camera with Carl Zeiss lens, 1080p full HD video recording and dual-core CPU with Adreno 320 GPU. The gadget seems to have a name, but in the images this is unfortunately obscured by pixilation.

We’ll be focusing in on this Nokia Pureview gadget and can hopefully confirm its legitimacy, as well as providing some more details very soon.

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