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Nokia rolls out the classics in ‘Time Machine’ Facebook feature

Just a week ahead of Nokia World 2011 from London’s Excel, the mobile communications co. has set up a nice little feature on social web Facebook, called the ‘Time Machine’ – which lets us look back at some of those classic Nokia mobiles all the way up to the latest models in advance of what many expect will be the public unveiling of Nokia’s range of brand spanking new Windows Phone handsets, including Sea Ray and Sabre.


Pop over to Nokia UK’s official Facebook page today to see the whole social presence has gone retro, featuring classic ads, facts and release dates from Nokia history and even a mention to the gimmicky Nokia 8110 which received a short-lived “flash in the pan” success after it slid open in The Matrix in the hands of Keanu Reeves (Whoa!).

Look over to the left to the page’s app icons and you’ll see a small clock which links to the ‘Time Machine’. The app offers the chance to “find your beloved Nokia and then share your fondest memory from that time”. Scroll through the timeline by year, or recognise the model by its handy photo then add a story of your old phone. Perhaps a classic Nokia 3210 from 2000 (in blue – the second mobile I owned) and recall the frustration of that ‘No space for new messages’ prompt when our text inbox was chocka, or the hours and hours spent trying to beat that high score on Snake and negotiate the early days of predictive text! Maybe the first gaming mobile, N-Gage was more your thing? They’re all here.

Many of us had a Nokia in those early days of mobile phones, they were affordable and reliable and just charmingly simplistic in a time before phones became smart and processing power became pricey. This feature is quite a nostalgia trip and we highly recommend it you check it out!   

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