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Nokia teasing new QWERTY Smartphone announced on Wednesday

Nokia have launched an official Teaser image that shows that we may be expecting a brand new QWERTY based smartphone from the Finnish manufacturer in the coming months.

An image that was released from Nokia reveals that the company will probably be launching a keyboard phone as the image itself is of a Z and Shift keys that imply a physical QWERTY handset rather than the now standard touch screen candy bar phone.

Nokia have announced that they will be releasing information on the new phone at 7am GMT (3am ET) this Wednesday the 24th of April and with timed release like this we would expect a Asian or European launch of the handset.

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The picture was accompanied by a blog post confirming that this’ll be a product from Nokia’s Mobile Phones team rather than the folks behind Lumia so for those thinking a QWERTY Based Windows Phone 8 handset was on its way may be missing out, but rather we can expect a new range or model of the Asha range of Symbian based budget smartphones.

Recently Nokia have been the subject of many leaks with the US carrier specific Nokia Lumia 928 leaking online last week and rumours that Nokia are planning a large sized Phone/Tablet device akin to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone also coming to light.

It’s looking like Nokia really have found their footing again after a shaky few years, and the announcement on Wednesday may be another step to the Nokia Empire!