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Nokia “Vibrating Tattoo” Concept Slammed as Worst Idea by Industry Peers

A new concept from Finnish co. Nokia which combines tech with tattoos has been slammed as the worst idea by fellow industry giants. But before you confuse this with another recent (and actually pretty cool) plan that Nokia has to customise your new Lumia 710 Windows Phone with some rad tattoo designs, this one actually involves real ink on your actual body!

 The Wall Street Journal was able to grab some sketched concept drawings from a patent filed in September 2011 which shows how Nokia plans to have a personalised magnetic vibrating tattoo etched onto the skin of a device user’s arm or stomach which would then send “perceivable stimulus” to be felt through the body should they receive a call, text or notification from their Facebook pals telling them how cool / uncool their new ink looks. We like tech. And we like tattoos. But together these things do not go..

Nokia was one of the earliest mobile manfacturers to allow us to customise our tech and make our mobile experiences unique and thinking back to a time when we could first create our very own ringtones or pimp out our handsets with cool covers, we can see how the appeal of Nokia has endured through trends and fads. Looking at the future of mobile customisation through actually modifying ourselves it seems they may have lost the way somewhat – and with this report it seems perhaps Nokia’s peers in the industry are starting to think the same!

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