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NYC Toy Fair 2012: Back To The Future 2 “Gliding” Hoverboard Announced by Mattel

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The New York Toy Fair is well under way with a whole host of licenced movie and TV cash-ins making parents everywhere nervously anticipate the new wave of summer blockbuster fads, must-own action figures, gadgets and games set to empty wallets with a relentless fury. If, on the other hand, you have no kids and are like us a big kid yourself – the Toy Fair is a treasure trove! Between our “serious” news the Gadget Helpline will be dipping in and out of the comings and goings in NYC to bring you a few of the best gadget-based toys coming out of the event this week. Next up, this is one for us 80’s kids – Your wait is almost over. The Future is upon us: Mattel has finally announced its plans for a real-life gliding Hoverboard!

As seen in 1989’s Back to the Future Part II, 2015’s coolest toy will be made as a limited edition working replica with pre-orders beginning in March and taken for just one month only with a view to getting the toy out by Christmas time. The high-tech deck will appear just as it did in our boyhood fave flick with all authentic detailing and at a 1:1 scale, complete with an empty handle bar slot from when teen hero Marty McFly (played by Michael J Fox) yanked it out as he hijacked the little girl’s pink board in the classic movie scene.

Mattel is not very forthcoming with its future plans for the Hoverboard except for the announcement that there is potential for a limited run to be made if demand is high enough (which we’d think it certainly will be) and the actual hovering capabilities of the iconic movie gadget are yet to be confirmed. But it’s said the board is to be have only a limited gliding ability – presumably on anything but water (not without power!) And whether it can actually carry a human weight is not known. We’re certainly not the lithe children we once were!

If the price is right, we’ll be all over this one. It more than makes up for last year’s disappointing Marty McFly replica Nike self-lacing boots, that didn’t even self-lace, were limited to 1500 pairs and were only obtainable by the high-earning elite of celeb circles.

Personally, this Gadget Helpline writer and BTTF fan will be hoping that Mattel opt to release Griff’s Pit Bull board as a follow-up!

Yesterday we covered Toy Fair news regarding The Walking Dead Deluxe TV Video Game – part of the “Plug It In and Play TV Games” range from Jakks Pacific.

If you like the Back To The Future Hoverboard keep a look out for The Gadget Helpline’s REEL TO REAL. It’s an upcoming attraction to the blog which will reveal how the gadgets we see on screen, in movies and television, are making their way into real-life!

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