Ofcom Says No 4G LTE Network in the UK Until 2015

UK residents may have to wait even longer to experience the blistering speeds of 4G mobile broadband technology, with a widespread 4G LTE network expected to be delayed until 2015.

We already know that the UK government is expected to auction off the 4G spectrum to the UK’s major networks during the second half of next year, but it looks as though things could take even further to get started from there, thanks to a legal battle between some UK networks.

Ofcom has recently spoken of the possibility of 4G LTE hitting the UK, explaining that the 4G auction may be delayed until 2013 or 2014, thanks to UK networks O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile and Orange.

4G is the next big step in mobile internet technology, and is already in place throughout the United States. Thanks to the digital switchover, we’ll be able to use the 800MHz analog frequency for mobile phones, which makes room for a faster 2.6GHz frequency that will be used for 4G.

With 4G we’ll be able to experience download and upload speeds equivalent to that of home broadband on our smartphones and tablets. With High Definition making a move into the tablet and smartphone space, we’ll soon need 4G speeds in order to stream HD movies and upload the HD videos we capture on our devices.

O2 has already been trialling 4G in the UK, with a trial now underway in London, set to continue through until midway through next year. Those taking part in the trial have been given special 4G compatible mobile broadband dongles to use with their laptops and PCs, giving a real taste of the future.

When the 4G spectrum is auctioned off, our main UK networks (O2, Three, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile) will be allowed to bid for 5 different spectrums. They all want to be the first to offer 4G to their customers, so it will be very interesting to see who gets there first.

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Via: Pocket-Lint