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Ofcom Survey Reveals 50% Rise in British Web Use Since 2005

An Ofcom survey of British web users has revealed a 50% increase of internet usage in the past seven years – this proving that the national pastimes are quickly becoming social networking, online gaming and other sources of digital entertainment with an average of 15 hours spent surfing per week per person.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, with this increased web population attitudes towards safety and security online have become more lax than back in 2005 when the numbers were last reported and those unaware or uneducated in how to keep their finances and personal information safe on the web has risen to 70%. 59% of British adults also claim to have a social network account through Facebook, Twitter and the like with 67% of that figure checking their accounts at least once a day – we daren’t ask how many is the maximum, but we think we could top it!

It was also found in Ofcom’s survey that the easy access to online services through our pocket gadgets has, of course, helped the web boom in recent years with at an all-time high with gadgets designed to cater for Wi-Fi and speedy 3G mobile networking. Proper use of the internet is now being taught in some schools, and  future Brits look to set the records even higher in coming years.

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