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Only in Japan! Say Konnichiwa to the Hello Kitty Smartphone!

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It’s been a while but it’s back in style – albeit tacky tasteless style!

Yes, it’s Only in Japan! The Gadget Helpline’s irregular regular feature is here again to bring you some weird and wonderful technology innovations from the Land of the Rising Sun! And what better way to start us off than with one of the country’s most famous faces, Hello Kitty, which after adorning everything from plush toys, to bags and jewellery has now been made into a smartphone!

Pop culture legends Sanrio have produced a Hello Kitty Figurine smartphone, known as “Hello Kitty Figurine KT-01”. The phone is aimed at kids — or even adults who love all things cute and has been created by Japanese start-up Ola.  Just as it’s name suggests, the mobile is an adorable palm-sized figurine that flips open to become a mobile phone.

Once opened, the phone boasts a 1.54 inch colour screen and big bright red buttons. When using the phone, all apps are Sanrio-approved and Hello Kitty themed.

Disappointingly as a smartphone the KT-01 has very limited functions allowing you to realistically only make calls and send text messages on it. However, the phone does have a built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Another perk of the KT-01 is that it is SIM free allowing you to use it with any network you want but there is a catch – you will have to sign an initial network contract when you buy it.

The Hello Kitty Figurine KT-01 is released on May 26th 2016 for ¥16,740 (around £108) and is available for pre-order on Amazon Japan.