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OS X Yosemite Hints at Possible Retina iMacs

More Apple rumours today, as the code for the new OS X Yosemite, has revealed a file which may shed some light on the future inclusion of the retina display in iMacs. The file, which was unveiled on the French MacBidouille forum, makes a very strong reference to display settings which correlate with the ones normally used with Apple retina displays.

Of course, previous rumors of Retina iMacs have been spinning around the internet for a number of years since the technology was unveiled, but now as Yosemite confirms the correct screen resolution settings this may point to the screens finally making their debut on the iMac.

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The iMac in question which shows the file which contains the correct resolution settings happens to be the 27 inch model, which as has been previously debated, is quite a tough resolution for the large pixel density of Retina displays to handle. The debate has been raging on whether the displays, regularly included on tablets and phones, are up to the challenge of making it into the laptop market.

Also there have been rumours of a cheaper model of the iMac, as a lot of consumers are often put off by the hefty price tag associated with Apple products. Just the other day I was in the Apple store, I asked if they had anything around £200… I was asked to leave… well, told that ‘this was not the shop for me’.

The Apple fan site, AppleInsider, took a quick check on the inventory of Apple products recently, and noted that the stocks of 21.5 and 27 inch iMac models were getting low, suggesting a replacement is in the works. This method of predicting new models has been reliable to date.

The thinking behind the prediction of a cheaper iMac comes from the recent slashing of the price of the Macbook Air, whilst the internal specifications of new Air models rose. In other words, a reduction in price but no discontinuation of the rise in the power of new models.

It’s all up in the air, for now, but hopefully more inf will be out soon on these new iMac and Macbook lines. Tell us what you think in  the comments section below.