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The Walking Dead Comic Game Announcement Trailer

After Overkill announced that it would be developing a game based on The Walking Dead comics a first teaser has been released featuring the creator Robert Kirkman and one of series’ most notorious ‘characters’ who will crossover into another of Overkill’s titles, Payday 2.

The Walking Dead for PS4, Xbox One and PC will be a first-person shooter and a creative collaboration between Overkill – a part of Stockholm-based Starbreeze Studios and Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment.

Slated for a 2016 release (exact date TBC) under publisher 505 Games, who also released Payday 2, Overkill confirms The Walking Dead will be a co-op experience existing in canon with the comic series which has now racked up 144 issues.

It hasn’t been suggested that the game will be in black and white but as this is the way the printed pages have appeared since TWD was first published by Todd Macfarlane’s Image Comics in 2003 we think it’d be a pretty nice touch. The teaser video however is in full colour and shows nothing of the game play only revealing that “In 2016 Washington Falls” before blood is shot up the wall. Nice.

Attached to the end of the clip are a few words from creator Robert Kirkman who expresses his excitement and enthusiasm for the partnership with Starbreeze. He also hints that ‘Lucille’ – a barbed wired baseball bat introduced by the sadistic villain Negan in the momentous issue 100 of The Walking Dead would become available as an item in Overkill’s Payday 2.