Overpriced Gadget of the Week: $6700 Tag Heuer Smartphone

Every once in a while you see a gadget that is either so ridiculous or so overpriced (in this case both), that you just have to share it. Today’s Overpriced Gadget of the Week is the Tag Heuer Link Smartphone.

Priced at a cool $6700 (around £4200), the Link Smartphone is probably the most expensive Android smartphone you’ll find, and is surely for people with far too much money burning holes in their pockets. But hey, if you’re dropping a wedge this big on a smartphone, it’s going to come with the best specs money can buy, right? Wrong.

The Link Smartphone runs Android 2.2 (FroYo), has a 3.5-inch (800×480) screen, 8GB memory card and 256MB internal memory, a 5MP camera and a decidedly average 1400mAh battery for a mediocre battery life. What it lacks in power though, it makes up in over the top flashiness and expensive materials. Polished steel, 18 carat Rose Gold (or titanium, there’s two models), Leather, a bit of Alligator and Diamond accents thrown together make this one chunky, yet outrageously pricey mobile phone.

So, if you simply must have the flashiest smartphone you can possibly get, check out the Tag Heuer Link. We’d like to take this chance to say; Tag Heuer, please stick to your expertise in making excellent watches, and steer clear of the smartphone industry!