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Panasonic, Samsung and Sony Aiming to Standardise 3D Glasses

Three television making giants have teamed up to make all active 3D glasses the same, in a bid to help customers understand 3D TV tech better and to push 3D TV sales.

Panasonic, Samsung and Sony all use their own different styles of 3D glasses for their own 3D TV sets, but they’ve decided that all active 3D glasses need to work in the same way to help make 3D easier for customers to use.

Samsung have several different types of active 3D glasses, but all of them use Bluetooth wireless connectivity to pair with their 3D TV sets. On the other hand, Panasonics and Sony’s TVs active 3D glasses use Infra-Red technology to pair with the TV.

The three manufacturers are teaming up with 3D glasses manufacturer XPAND 3D in an attempt to create a model of 3D eyewear that is used on all Samsung, Panasonic and Sony 3D TV sets. With the move they hope to widely introduce active 3D technology to the market, and encourage other manufacturers to use the same eyewear with their 3D TVs.

Active 3D is considered the superior type of 3D, though the eyewear is generally bulkier and more expensive. If you’re unsure on the difference between Passive and Active 3D, we have a super helpful insight for you here.

Via: ArsTechnica