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PayPal Here: Smartphone-Based Credit Card Payment System Coming to UK

Our regular readers may remember the Gadget Helpline’s recent coverage of Square. It’s a clever little gadget which attaches to any Android and Apple iOS smartphone or tablet and allows credit card swiping for small companies and independent businesses, this enabling them to cut out the cost of running expensive phone-line connected payment methods and simply making their transactions via an app.

We were hoping for news on Square’s arrival in the U.K – but beaten to the punch, PayPal has announced a scheme of its own which is available from today in the U.S and will be launching here soon to give Square a run for its money, as well as providing a quick and easy alternative to the likes of Google Wallet and Visa PayWave – all you need to start is a PayPal account. 

Like Square, PayPal’s system – PayPal Here – will come with a free swipe attachment (an triangular one), but this won’t be entirely necessary on a number of newer mobile handsets as card details can also be obtained by NFC (Near Field Communications) scanning tech supported by the camera function, this method can also be used to cash cheques simply by taking a shot of the front and all the customers vital account details.

Unfortunately, there are no details of a U.K schedule for PayPal Here, but those interested can register for all the up-to-date information as it comes through the official website now. The Gadget Helpline is a fan of these ideas to make our electronic payment much quicker and easier and will also attempt to bring you the latest on both PayPal Here and Square and both schemes’ arrival.

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