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Phone not charging? Try this!

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Charging issues with mobile devices can be frustrating, disrupting our daily routines and productivity. In this article, we will explore some common troubleshooting steps to help you resolve charging problems with your phones and tablets.  

Cleaning the charging port 

Over time, dust, lint, or debris can accumulate in the charging port, obstructing a proper connection and charging. To resolve this, you can use a charging port cleaning kit which can be purchased from many retailers. They usually contain a small, soft brush. Use this brush to carefully clean the charging port. Alternatively, use some compressed air to remove any dirt. When doing this, ensure you take care to avoid damaging the port. Once the dirt is removed, the charging cable can establish an interrupted connection with the charging port. 

Trying another cable 

Sometimes it can be the cable that is causing a charging issue. If the cable is broken, the connection will be disrupted. You can try another cable to check where the issue is coming from. We recommend always using certified cables or cables directly from the manufacturer to ensure they are compatible and give a proper charge. If the issue resolves when using a different cable, it would indicate the original cable was the problem. 

Performing a soft reset 

Resetting a device can often resolve charging issues caused by temporary software glitches. To perform a soft reset, follow the device-specific instructions. Typically, this involves holding down the power button, or the power button and volume button, until the device restarts. We recommend having the device plugged in whilst doing this. If successful, the device should power on with the welcome screen as if you are turning it back on. 

Checking the power source and adapter 

Before diagnosing an issue with the device or cable, you should check the plug socket you are using and any adapters. To do this, simply plug it into a different plug socket or plug adapter to see if the issue remains. You should always use an appropriate adapter and avoid using any extender adapters that may not be compatible or may not supply sufficient power.  

Trying a wireless charger 

If your device isn’t charging with any cables, it may be worth trying a wireless charger to overcome this. This removes the need for connecting to a plug socket and means the phone can sit on a charging dock. This may be a temporary solution, but may also help to indicate if there is a problem with the charging port or if the phone is unable to charge at all. 


By following these troubleshooting steps, you can easily resolve charging issues quickly and effectively. Remember to clean the charging port and cross-test with different cables and plug sockets to rule out any issues with accessories. If the support does not resolve the issue, it is best to seek professional support or contact the relevant support team to assist.