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Phree Smartpen Writes to Your Gadget From Any Surface

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Imagine having a pen you can take anywhere, that is capable of writing on any surface, and, is also capable of sending anything you could write/draw to your smartphone or tablet as you create it.

Well, this pen in particular is claimed by its designers to be capable of managing all these feats. The Phree Smartpen has one main advantage over its competition though; it does not need another piece of equipment to work, even Adobes ‘Ink & Slide’ requires the use of an iPad to function.

The Phree Smartpen does its magic by using a 3D laser patented by OTM Technologies in Israel, who are the company behind Phree. The stylus determines its relative position to a surface by tracking interruptions in the laser.

The Phree connects to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and is also designed to work with laptops and a number of smart TVs. The makers of the Phree also claim that it will function over cross-platform programs such as EverNote and Adobe.

The main selling point though is the fact that when it is paired up with a smartphone it allows the user the ability to take note or sketch without the need of paper (making it great for the environment also). I, personally, have found that my writing style and presentation is much worse than it should be simply because as technology has moved progress forward, my need for writing has been replaced by typing.

Handwriting is simultaneously visible on the target device, which is then translated into Word font, in almost any language, or as an image in one’s own handwriting, enabling users to share clear notes via text, email or any other mobile application.

The Phree Smartpen itself has a number of physical buttons coupled with a touch display and its final retail price is expected to be around $200 USD.

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