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Pinterest allows animated gif sharing – Facebook introduces ‘Want’ button

Sharing site Pinterest looks to re-animate its appeal by allowing its users to attach animated gif images to the notice-board-like social platform.

Stepping up from the restrictive static pictures permitted by Facebook and embracing more of the super-trendable style of Tumblr, expect Pinterest feeds to now become an eye boggling menagerie of moving images which the creators seek to use in capitalising on a recent spike of likes over Mark Zuckerberg’s leading rival. For now the animated gif sharing is only available on the website version of Pinterest and not the mobile apps.

Speaking of the other camp, Facebook has begun rolling out a ‘Want’ button which closely resembles a feature found on Pinterest.

This button will be available on a new feature called ‘Collections’ which at present only allows a handful of retailers to share a range of their available items and if a Facebook user feels they’d like to own these items and share that information with their friends they can do so with the dedicated ‘Want’ button – very similar to the ‘Pinning’ on Pinterest.

It appears it’s not only the users of social networks who view each other’s actions with a voyeuristic eye but also the creators themselves who are all borrowing from each other to keep up with the trendiest ways to trend.