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Plastc Supercard Hopes to Slim Wallets


We’ve been going on about NFC payments a lot recently, especially since we heard about Apple pay and Zapp coming to the UK in 2015. However, there’s more than one way to get on board with NFC payments, as Plastc, the new supercard and app combo demonstrates.

Plastc, spelled without the ‘i’, is a supercard designed to accumulate your card details on a remotely accessible NFC enabled all in one device which sits in your wallet or purse. Plastc pairs with your smartphone via bluetooth and can hold the info of up to 20 cards on its memory chip, including gift cards and loyalty cards, as well as some membership and access cards.

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The device also employs an embedded e-ink touch screen, similar to the ones found on e-readers such as Amazon’s Kindle, which lets you access information on funds and which card you’re currently using. The fact Plastc is a card with an embedded screen is hugely novel, making it an attractive gadget for the consumer.

Plastc is also packed full of chips. Sporting a 30 day battery life, the card features both NFC and RFID chips for wireless communications, as well as wireless charging. For security there’s also an EMV chip, the same chip found in a traditional chip and pin card, meaning Plastc can be Pin locked just like a normal card.

The card’s smartphone app hosts a plethora of useful financial tracking and security features.

The advantages of using Plastc don’t end there, the device can be remotely accessed in the event of loss or theft. If the card is left behind in store, notifications are sent to the user’s phone, plus, the device can be remotely wiped on the user’s request.

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Whilst Plastc features some fantastic cutting edge features, it could very well be edged out by other NFC or mobile payments which only require a phone to work. Plus, the on board technology is hugely complicated, and may delay the device from releasing on its predicted Summer 2015 deadline.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering Plastc, the device can be pre-purchased on the Plastc website, found below. It’s none too cheap, with pre order prices currently at $155 USD. However, Plastc could very well be next year’s cool alternative to Apple pay or mobile based payments. After all, it’s a card with a screen.

Via: Techspot