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Pokemon Invade Google Maps in Global Challenge!

Internet and software company Google has announced an exciting worldwide challenge which encourages fans of Japanese craze Pokémon to catch ‘em all through its Google Maps app on Android and iOS!

A video promo was launched last night as an early April Fools’ prank inviting foolhardy but dedicated Pokemon players to actually travel the far reaches and obscure and dangerous locations of the globe with their gadgets to find the elusive pocket monsters. The very best Pokémon trainers would supposedly be rewarded by an augmented reality treat when the creatures from the games and cartoons come magically to life.

This bit was of course was the bluff, but Google has dotted 150 charming characters from all generations of popular game’s twenty year legacy across it’s Maps service to be found by zooming and exploring random locations (we can tell you that London would be a good spot for a head start!)

When you bag yourself a new specimen the location will be marked by a Pokéball so you’ll know where you’ve already been and Pokémon will be added to an online Pokédex which can be filled with your collection from Raichu to Salmence – and we’re pretty sure that cheeky scamp Pikachu is out there somewhere too!

The Google Maps Pokémon Challenge is very addictive and will likely lose many hours of productivity – but it is pretty fun!