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Police Academy’s Jonesy Appears in History of Video Games SFX Feature

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Police Academy star, stand up icon, gamer and personal hero Michael Winslow appears in a new clip currently going viral on the social internet. The actor, best known as the nuisance causing noise-maker Jonesy in the comedy cop films, is an avid player who knows his game and has made the video with website XPlay in which he takes us on a journey through “The History of Video Game SFX” utilising his famously unique skill for replicating any sounds or voices – and it’s probably the most awesome thing you’ll see today!

Winslow, who also made an appearance in Star Wars spoof Spaceballs, starts at the beginning in 1972 with original gaming addiction PONG manipulating the monotone bloops and bleeps of the classic before moving onto 1981 and “evolved game” Ms Pac-Man, where the actor mimics the frantic action as the sprite evades ghost while gobbling up those power pills before reaching and untimely end and fave memory for Winslow who goes on to say “We used to like let this game fail just to hear that.”

Jumping forward to 1985 and into the original Super Mario Bros, the actor recalls how the background track of the NES classic was one of his inspirations to learn human beat-boxing, which he demonstrates along with a few of the other in-game sound effects. Street Fighter II is next up, with Sergeant Jones doing all the grunts and groans of the combatants before bringing it closer to modern times with HALO and finally Portal.

Gamers of the old school and the new need to check out this fantastic video – NOW!

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