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The Pope launches Vatican news website in first tweet (from an iPad)

Controversial religious figure Pope Benedict XVI this week posted his first tweet from online micro-blog site Twitter – even showing off a little tech savvy by making his post from an Apple iPad (with only a little help) and declaring “Dear Friends, I just launched Praised be our Lord Jesus Christ! With my prayers and blessings”.

The Pope - with a little help - sends his first tweet

On the 60th anniversary of his ordination, the 265th Sovereign of Vatican City, now 84 and in the 6th year of his papacy, joined the 21st Century to inform the masses that the official news site for The Vatican Today is now live – this before a congregation of 33,000 Twitter followers.

The Vatican Today website ( will feature exclusive multimedia, Vatican Radio, and incorporate other online publications such as l’Osservatore Romano and the Misna missionary news.

The Vatican has in recent times become much more tech-aware. The Roman religious captial can already be Liked on Facebook and observed on YouTube. Most notably using the internet as a way of addressing scandal regarding sexual abuse within the clergy, providing safeguarding for children and promoting awareness through e-learning methods.

The Pope looks set to overtake our own Queen of England in the tech-race. Her Maj having expressed interest in owning an iPad 2 after her grandsons showed off the Apple slab on a recent visit – We still haven’t heard if One has gotten herself one.

We’re pretty sure it’s not really our Royal Matriarch behind the tweets at!

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