The Queen impressed by iPad 2 – Requests new Apple tablet for One’s self!

The Queen of England is so impressed with her grandsons’ gadgets, particularly the Apple iPad 2, that it’s been reported by a UK newspaper that she’s requested one for One’s self!

Gossip rag The Sun suggests that her Maj is set to get slab-happy after newlywed Wills, and sibling Harry popped by the Palace to show off their Apple tablets to Nan, and the young Princes are said to find this news “hilarious”.

The article’s reporter says “For a woman of her age, she is very switched on. It was only a matter of time before she asked someone to go and get her one”.

Her Highness, now 85 years old, is said to have found the 21st century slab very easy to handle, was impressed by the large screen and is already reported to own not one, but two Apple iPods – the second being a gift from US President Barack Obama including photos from her Royal visit to Virginia in 2007.

The Royal Matriarch is clearly a fan of her fruity gadgets and the Windsor’s have already joined the 21st century of technology with official Twitter and YouTube channels. It’s said that the Queen’s interest in iPad 2 is down to her need of entertainment on the long trips she needs to make.

With all the apps, games and music available to the Apple tablet – One will be most pleased!

We at the Gadget Helpline wonder – Will she get the Royal treatment and skip the iPad 2 stock delays still facing a number of her loyal subjects?

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Source: The Sun