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Power saving settings for your iPhone 

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In the digital world, our phones have become our lifeline for everyday life. There are many different types to choose from. It doesn’t matter your preference of device; any electrical device will share one common issue. The battery charge will run out through use. However, this is when power-saving settings can be utilised.  

In this article, we look at the power saving settings for your iPhone. 

The basics of iPhone battery life 

The battery life is influenced by various factors, including the apps you use, screen brightness, and background processes. These can quickly drain the battery. But don’t worry, you can optimise settings to get things back on track. 

Enabling Low Power Mode 

Low Power Mode is one of the easiest tools to use on your iPhone. To enable it, simply head over to Settings, Battery and then Low Power Mode. Turning this on reduces the background refresh, mail fetching, and other processes to reduce the battery consumption of your phone. 

Adjusting screen brightness 

Your iPhone will usually display things vibrantly to get the best experience with your phone. However, this bright screen can consume battery power. To adjust the brightness, slide the settings bar down and you can adjust the brightness by using the on-screen scale. The lower the brightness, the less battery the screen will consume. 

Managing background app refresh 

If your apps are eating away at the battery when you’re not using it, then this would be background refresh. This happens when your phone is refreshing the apps to update them whilst not in use.  

To do this, navigate to Settings, General, and Background App Refresh. Once off, this should stop the apps using your battery when not in use. 

Optimising push email 

Push email is a service by which your iPhone will automatically deliver your email to you once it has arrived, rather than manually going into your inbox and refreshing for emails. With the emails automatically being delivered, it can use valuable battery power on your phone.  

We recommend turning this off by going into Settings, Mail, Accounts, and Fetch New Data. In here you will have the option for ‘Push’ so ensure this is turned off. If the phone is in Low Power Mode, this feature is automatically disabled to save power. 

Location services 

Location services can significantly impact your battery life. Whilst it is an important setting for some apps, if you do not need to be using it then you can simply turn this off. This can be done in Settings, select the desired app, and then toggle the Location option to turn this off. 


In conclusion, power-saving settings can transform your iPhone’s battery life. We encourage you to make these adjustments if you want to conserve your battery for longer.