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Powers is PlayStation’s First TV Exclusive on March 10

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American comic series Powers will come to life as a PlayStation TV exclusive on March the 10th.

The comic’s writer Brian Michael Bendis took over the PlayStation Blog to break the news that the long-running superhero/crime noir story Powers will be the first original live-action series for PlayStation Network and all ten episodes of the first season are wrapped and ready.

Approved by multi award winning comics creator Bendis himself, and developed by the studio who brought us the highly addictive Breaking Bad, the pilot episode of Powers will be available to all PlayStation Network users on March the 10th along with the next two episodes ready to view immediately for PlayStation Plus members. Subsequent episodes will go live on a weekly basis for the remaining seven instalments.

District 9 and Elysium star Sharlto Copley will play the lead role of Christian Walker, a former superhero who has traded his costume for a police detective’s badge. Along with partner Deena Pilgrim, played by Susan Heyward of The Following, they look into specialist cases where the subjects exhibit special abilities or powers – Hence the title. The show also features Eddie Izzard, who fresh off a superbly maniacal run on Hannibal plays another fearsome character named Wolfe.

After a fifteen year legacy in print with Todd McFarlane’s Image Comics and currently Icon Comics as its publisher we’re interested to see how Powers, one of the most beloved cult comics, translates onto screen as PlayStation’s first exclusive.

You can get an in depth preview of Powers on PlayStation Plus website now before the show launches on March 10.