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Half Price MP3’s and Albums From Google Music

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Google is feeling the Christmas cheer and is trying to create a bit of buzz (and steal some sales from Apple) for its newly launched MP3 music store by having a massive pre-Christmas blowout sale, which will see them sell 500,000 albums at half price.

The limited time offers will serve up a selection of new, old, and obscure albums for just $4.99, which is half of what Apple is currently selling them at.

Also, part of the sale will see 10 million MP3’s available to buy for a bargain bin price of 49c  – unfortunately the service, which launched last month, is only available in the US.

The sales represent pretty much all of Google’s current content library which should mean that you’ll be able to find an impressive range of classic and contemporary tracks and albums to suit everyone’s taste.

Google new music service has seen a slow take-up, partly down the fact that it’s available in the US only, if Google is serious about taking on Apple and iTunes they need to get the service rolled-out to multiple regions and fast.

From early reports it looks as if the only major label that isn’t on board with the deal is Sony, which is a bit of a dissapointment.

In a post on the Google Music Android Market webstore, the company says: “We’re proud to offer you over half a million albums for $4.99 and over ten million tracks for 49c.

“Search around the site for your favorites—we promise you’ll find something you like at a great price!

“Few things in life are more important than music, and, since we launched the music store in the Android Market a few weeks ago, we’ve sought to connect you with the tunes you love”.

It’s a shrewd move for Google as it looks to capitalise on hard-up consumers looking to bag some cheap music for their nearest and dearest before Christmas. With Google then hoping that once you’ve bought there once you’ll do so again.

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