PS Now Hits PS3, TV Streaming Rumored

We’ve recently heard that Playstation now game streaming will finally be coming to the Playstation 3 as an open Beta, and although the streaming service has been Beta-ing on PS4 for a while now, it’s a relief that owners of Playstation’s older console can finally enjoy the system themselves.

Some of the titles rentable for streaming on PS Now.

Playstation Now streams games directly from Sony to the user’s console, for a price of course. It’s relatively expensive currently, which is why users may be put off. The service can cost $3 for just 4 hours rental of a game, although that price was recently dropped from $5. It’s still expensive though, but being able to stream a game instantly to a console is costly.

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“We are still in the early days of PS Now,” said John Koller of SCEA in one blog post. “The service is still growing and evolving based on the feedback we’ve received from PS Now users. We recently reduced the pricing for select 4-hour rentals, and we are still working towards a PS Now subscription option.”

Meanwhile, the rumor mill is churning out interesting information that Playstation Now may not be just for games anymore. A service under the PS Now banner, or at least something similar, is apparently being worked on.

“A streaming based-approach needs to have a very wide funnel of devices, and that inherently means a broad- and manufacturer-agnostic approach,” was confirmed to be in development to The Wall Street Journal by Andrew House, the top man at Sony Computer Entertainment.

For now we can only speculate on whether this streaming service will sue the same interface as, or come under the same banner as Playstation Now in its current form.

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From what we do know , Sony has also apparently been in rumored talks with Disney, Time Warner and Showtime, possibly in order to bring their content to the console’s streaming platform

Playstation’s cloud services release timeline.

We’ll obviously learn more if a new service is announced, so stay updated with us for further info on Sony’s Playstation streaming plans for the future.

Oh yeah, for those fans of Playstation Now who are in the UK, the service is expected to arrive over here from the US sometime next year, hopefully not too long into it if all goes well.

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