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PSY defeats all as Gangnam Style is the most viewed YouTube video ever

Well I don’t think that anyone could have said that by the end of 2012 one South Korean man would have dethroned and defeated the likes of Justin Bieber, Lady GaGa and Rebecca Black as the king (or Queen) of all of YouTube, but one man has indeed done just that.

“Oop Ooop Ooop Ooop, Oppan Gangnam Style!”

Yes, PSY’s Gangnam Style has become the most viewed YouTube video of all time over the weekend and with no signs of it slowing down we can guess that PSY will be setting a very high benchmark for others to compete with in the future.

The K-Pop tune started to take the world by storm in July when the video was first posted, and after taking over Korea and Asia as a whole the video began surfacing across the western world and quickly took over everything in its path (see PSY vs MC Hammer at the American Music Awards below!)

The 34-year-old rapper was already somewhat of a big thing in South Korea before but now the man is a worldwide superstar who will for the time being have his name in the record books as the most viewed video with a huge 824 million views.

And that’s just counting the official video, with thousands of fan-made parodies, humorous takes, covers and even official tie-in videos such as PSY ft. HYUNA which has another Korean megastar take on the song with the man himself which has garnered another 165 million views!

We don’t need to explain what is in the video as with 824 million view we expect very few people have missed what it entails, and for the time being nightclubs, school discos and every other music playing venue will continue to blast out the song all over the world.

The song has toppled Justin Bieber’s song “Baby”, which currently has 804 million views, to become the most played song on YouTube, but with Bieber’s Beliebers pretty rampant with their love for the teen star we may expect a resurgence from the boy wonder to get him back on top.

Hopefully PSY will continue to conquer all and show that in the middle of crisis all it really takes is a catchy tune and a funky dance craze to unite the world!

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