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PSY’s Gangnam Style hits 1 billion YouTube views

Last month we reported that the Korean sensation PSY’s Gangnam Style video had become the most viewed video on YouTube (and thus the internet), eclipsing the previous leader, Justin Bieber and his “Baby” video, in the process.

Well today, less than a month later, the video has become the first ever video to amass over 1 billion views!What’s more, YouTube’s owner Google has said the video had been watched seven to ten million times a day on average, so it’s not looking like the video is going to slow down any time soon.

Visiting YouTube right now will show you that the official video on PSY’s channel is listed at over 1 billion and when you add in the thousands of tributes, alternatives and snippets from the video that are YouTube then the number would be even more impressive.

Last week Google announced its Zeitgeist list of 2012’s most searched for topics on which PSY also appeared at number 10, keeping him in the same company as Kate Middleton and the iPad 3. Additionally, PSY has appeared in the YouTube Rewind video as a prominent force.

We are sure nobody expected 2012 to belong to a Korean rapper, but as the time ticks by on we salute a man who has unified the globe with a silly video and brilliant dance!

Oppan Gangnam Style!