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Qualcomm Gears Up For ‘Internet of Things’

More from the CES event now, as Qualcomm have announced through the event that their ubiquitous Snapdragon chip range is getting ready to make it out onto the newly christened ‘internet of things;’ a proposed massively connected network of internet devices which all are connected to the internet.

A big announcement from company president Derek Arberle included an interesting factoid – Qualcomm’s chips are already in the wild in nearly a billion Android devices, with the company reporting shipping 860 million of its chips in 2014, according to their yearly report.

But the internet of things requires a little more specialization from a chip maker – high quality processors need to be small, low on power usage and most importantly cheap to produce and compatible with a host of devices. However, with Qualcomm’s current expertise making chips for that incredible amount of Android devices, it’s not going to be much of a hurdle for the company.

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Equally important, Qualcomm also announced partnerships with Wallgreens and Novartis to use 2net, the company’s wireless health platform. High speed Qualcomm chips power 2net, a network of interconnected devices which share data from wearable devices which track biometric data.

As part of the internet of things, 2net represents a first push from the prolific chip maker into a more technologically augmented side of healthcare. Devices on 2net bring the data form patients back to doctors and caregivers as soon as the data is collected, speeding up and generally streamlining the process of providing care for patients at high risk.

Everything you’ll ever need can use a Qualcomm chip…

However, it’s not just healthcare which Qualcomm’s chip range is designed for, indeed, the tiny and super fast chips are also about to make a splash in the wearable market, with proposals for an incredible range of devices being seen at the CES expo, from child trackers to more traditional smart watches.

With a universally available chip range as well as experience gleaned in the smartphone market, Qualcvomm are set to be a big driving force behind a new era of devices which do anything and everything, all connected to the internet, which should make all our lives more interconnected and easy.

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Wearables, connected devices in vehicles, healthcare devices, fitness trackers, and just about every type of device which could hold a small chip and could connect to the internet is able to utilize Qualcomm’s tech. Indeed, this year’s CES announcement from the company, as pictures, shows off a massive range of devices.

The biggest area for the company is undoubtedly wearable devices for entertainment, communication and fitness – with Qualcomm execs outlining a strong correlation and major similarities between the smartphone industry which they already have made their mark on, and the up and coming world of the wearable.

Source: Qualcomm’s 2net Page

Via: Techcrunch