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Qualcomm Poll Reveals Most Popular Uses for U.K Smartphones

Qualcomm has produced an infographic revealing U.K smartphone owner’s most popular mobile uses.

The processor maker behind the Snapdragon family of chips which can be found in devices such as the HTC Sensation XL, Sony Xperia S and Nokia Lumia 800 posted the informative chart on the Facebook page for its widely-used CPU which is liked by over forty-thousand fans.

The results of a survey of an unspecified number of U.K mobile owners tells that 78% of those asked mostly use their smartphone for taking photos – quite appropriate for a poll based on a social network where snaps are shared regularly and easily through our friendly mobile apps.

The second biggest use is game play – weighing in with 62% of our attention and proving the processing power of our smartphone and that operating systems such as Android and iOS are becoming legitimate gaming platforms with titles such as Angry Birds and Amazing Alex. We need look no further than the OUYA Android console to see how mobile games are evolving.

58% of those asked said that they listen to music on their gadget both with MP3’s loaded onto their mobile through software like Beats now available on a number of HTC smartphones as well as streaming apps such as Spotify. Videos on sharing sites also comes in occupying 46% of our time spent browsing YouTube and the like but only 13% of us will watch a full episode of a TV shows online via our mobile.

You can check out the graphic for yourself at the Snapdragon Facebook page or let us know if there are any other uses not covered that our readers might be able to add via our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter page or Official Facebook group.