Racing Wheel puts iPhone 4 driving games into the fast lane

The mobile phone-gaming experience is getting better and better and we’ve come a long way since Snake! Apple’s iPhone is a particularly popular choice of smartphone for the gamer and driving games have always been over with gaming community.

For avid racers who like their life in the fast lane from the comfort of a handset, the game moves up a gear with the addition of a Nintendo Wii-style steering wheel for iPhone 4. Just like the Wii-mote controller your iPhone 4 fits and clips into a center docking slot allowing for motion control of driving game faves.

The Racing Wheel further enhances the iPhone drive-time with external Nokia-powered speakers and rechargeable batteries and a slot for USB charging.

It’s a compact gadget and looks the business, while making iPhone 4 driving gameplay fun and engaging. But despite the wheel being a tidy design we don’t see many using it away from home – where superior console gaming still overtakes.

Having said that, the novelty of the Racing Wheel is no stall-start and the gaming gadget is Big in Japan right now, with the iPhone 4 add-on currently being road-tested by Japanese gamers, who are happily paying up 1,599 yen – the equivalent of around £12 British.

However, at this time we can find no news on the “if-and-when” regarding a UK release.

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