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White Apple iPhone 4 set for release end of the month

We may finally see the light – as the Wall Street Journal reports Apple have confirmed the white iPhone 4 will be dropping at the end of the month despite being recently removed from the Apple online store.

The white iPhone 4 began its creation in 2010 but has since been plagued with delays and claims by some manufacturing partners that the production was more difficult than expected. Everything from the battery discolouring the casing to the paint job affecting camera functions were used as excuses to delay the release.

In October Apple promised the handset would appear before the end of spring and it appears they were right this time, as the alternate coloured iPhone is set to appear in the coming days.

There is currently no official statement or commitment to a release date to back up this claim by the Wall Street Journal, but it IS the Wall Street Journal and we have been waiting long enough so until we hear differently from Apple HQ we think we’ll go with this!

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