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Radio numbers at record high for BBC iPlayer in March

A reported 38-million listeners tuned into the BBC iPlayer over the month of March – helping the Beeb online player hit record numbers for radio.

World Cup Cricket helped the boost the ratings, with England and the West Indies facing off last month and much of the coverage taking place on the airwaves. The sporting event (still popular with many it seems) ranked as the most demanded digital radio broadcast on the iPlayer service.

Despite being unappealing to many (myself included!) another rotund contribution to iPlayer’s record-setting radio draw was “The Longest Ever Show with Chris Moyles”, which dominated the Beeb’s premier station Radio 1 for 52 hours between the16th to 18th of March in aide of Comic Relief.

Television requests still ruled the ratings over March, but last month 1-in-4 of the total content requests on the BBC iPlayer were for digital radio programming. Now with the BBC-backed dedicated RadioPlayer in service it sounds like a radio revival is in tune – and the sound of hits will be like music for the Beeb!

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