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Razer Launches Slick BlackShark Battlefield Gaming Headsets

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Top notch gaming accessory maker Razer has recently partnered up with the makers of Battlefield 3 to create some premium kit for the true fans of the game.

The first Battlefield 3-themed product the company has launched is a headset that goes by the name of ‘BlackShark’ – Razer has never been one for boring names for its products. From first sight, this new headset stands out from the crowd, and not just because of the bright orange cabling.

Razer says it designed the BlackShark with the tactical aviator headset used by fighter pilots in mind, and it shows. From the glossy dark blue finish on the ear cups to the stitched leather headband and chrome microphone boom, this headset exudes quality and would look at home in the cockpit of an F-17.

Each ear cup features a powerful 40mm neodymium magnet stereo driver for crisp, detailed sound with booming bass. Leatherette ear cushions surround each cup to ensure a snug fit, total immersion into the battlefield and of course, maximum comfort for the hours you’re likely to be spending at your PC.

A generous 1.3 metre cable links the headset to a gold-plated 3.5mm audio jack and audio/microphone splitter – the BlackShark is aimed at the PC gamer in particular, although you’ll be able to jam them into your TV’s headphone socket for sound.

The Battlefield 3 logo is emblazoned across the top of the headband to accompany the deep blue and bright orange colour scheme that is present throughout the game’s menu systems. Those who plump for this headset will also be able to redeem a unique Razer dogtag in game using a provided code.

The Razer BlackShark will be available worldwide from July, priced at £114.99 on Razer’s UK webstore right now. We’re big fans of pretty much everything the company has done so far, so we’re sure these will be mighty impressive.

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