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Resident Evil 6 : Butcher Shop Sells ‘Human Meat’ as Publicity Stunt for Gruesome Game!

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To celebrate the launch of the new Resident Evil 6 game last week on Xbox 360 and PS3, a mock butchers shop was set up in London. But this was a meat market like no other, catering for the uniquely disturbing tastes of the infected victims as seen in the popular fright franchise, this shop was fully stocked with meat of the human kind!

But of course, this wasn’t actual human flesh (or so we’d hope), just the incredibly realistic creations of ‘Miss Cakehead’ who provided publisher Capcom’s ‘Wesker & Sons’ store (a reference to the RE villain) with arms, legs, complete torsos and even ‘other’ severed body parts which would make a grown man wince. The shocking mock shop looks pretty grizzly and we’ve only shared a sample of the grotesque real meat (and completely edible) sculptures which were on display at the two day exhibition.

It’s been a big year for Resident Evil with a number of new titles released, including Revelations on Nintendo 3DS, Raccoon City on the ‘big consoles’, and a fifth big screen action flick coming out just a few weeks ago. The newly released Resident Evil 6 takes the biohazard action from North America to China and features familiar and new faces including playable characters such as Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield. Along with new characters come new foes, including the usual reanimated minions as well as a hulking bio-weapon beast known as the Ustanak.

As well as the great and gruesome new games, the publicity drive for the franchise has been nearly as infectious with a zombie restaurant opening up in Japan and the country’s Universal Studios ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ attraction featuring an interactive live action show with characters and scenes from Raccoon City coming to life for thrill seeking visitors to enjoy. However, we don’t think that any of these disturbing experiences quite compares to the scenes in London last week!

Resident Evil 6 is now available on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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Image: CNet