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Retro Nikon Fisheye Lens is Both Epic and Super Expensive

Whether you’re a lover of vintage photography items or a super-rich hipster, this 1970’s Nikon Fisheye lens is for you. Just one of these lenses is available to buy right now, with a whopping £100,000 price tag.

Nikon experts Grays of Westminster are selling the prime lens, which was launched way back in 1970 at the Photokina event that year. The huge lens was only available to those who placed a custom order back then, and as they’re not the most portable of lenses, as you can imagine, not many sold. In fact, only a few hundred were ever made.

You might have used a fisheye lens effect with Instagram on your iPhone, or even a proper fisheye lens on a DSLR, but it’s doubtful you’ll have experienced the huge degree of vision that this pricey lens offers – 220 degrees. It’s a speedy lens too, with an f stop rating of f/2.8.

The huge glass dome somewhat dwarves the camera it’s attached to, weighing a hefty 11.5 pounds. You won’t be taking too many freehand pictures standing up with this beast attached – it’ll probably snap off your lens mount!

If you’ve got a spare £100k just lying around, waiting to be spent on a very rare piece of photography history, the lens is now on sale through Grays of Westminster. It comes in a rugged metal case with its own stand to allow you to shoot flat, saving your hands from bearing the weight.

Most ridiculous lens you’ve ever seen, or have you seen something more impressive? Let us know if you have.

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Via: Engadget