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Retro Nintendo NES Zapper Gets Turned into Working Laser

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An insanely innovative company from Portsmouth, Virginia has brought a boyhood dream to life – converting an unused Nintendo Zapper gun into a legit laser!

North Street Labs pick up old junk and turn it into ultra-cool gadgets and previous projects have included turning a hard drive into an illuminating clock and creating a motorized hammock that drives around using a Playstation controller. This latest and greatest project takes the classic gaming peripheral used for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) classic Duck Hunt and a handful of other which never really took flight here in Great Britain.

With the absence of any new game releases since the late 80s and with an abundance of free time, the boys at NSL have decided to convert the once harmless toy into a heat ray. The Zapper-turned-lethal weapon is powerful enough to burn a stack of matches in a single shot (as seen in the video demonstration) and to prevent the 2W beam going off unannounced they’ve even had to fit it with a turn key safety lock!

If you have an old NES Zapper kicking around and fancy yourself as the new Captain N (vintage reference) North Street Labs even provides the info on how to make one of these sweet lasers for yourself. All you need is a bit of wiring know-how and you’ll be frying the neighbours cat in no time!

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Source: Hack a Day