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RIM Forced to Rename New OS – BBX Becomes BlackBerry 10

Just as we’re getting familiar with the next version of BlackBerry OS to be released, we’re struck with a bit of a blow – we’re going to have to disregard the BBX name we learned and call it something new!

Research in Motion has lost a court case against a Mexican software company, resulting in them being forced to change the name of their new software which is due to land early next year.

The name that was originally settled on was BBX, which is a mix of ‘BlackBerry’ and ‘QNX’, which is a software firm that RIM acquired in order to help build a new version of software for its smartphones and tablets. However, the company has now renamed it as BlackBerry 10 or BB10 – not quite as edgy or catchy, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Mexican software firm BASIS International Ltd already own the rights for the brand ‘BBx’ (specifically with the lower case x), so RIM can’t be using the same brand name, albeit with a capital X. BASIS won the court case against RIM, resulting in the swift name change.

At the moment the latest BlackBerry smartphones are running on BlackBerry OS 7, which leads us to wonder – why skip straight to BB10?

We gave it some thought and at first decided the leap in numbers was to represent the leap forward in technology RIM was making with both the software and the devices that were due to be running it. We also thought we had a lightbulb moment when we cottoned on to the fact that 10 represents ‘X’ in roman numerals, and therefore BB10 is effectively BBX, but unfortunately Electric Pig beat us to it on that one.

The world awaits the first BB10 devices, which are expected to launch early on next year. We recently reported that RIM has a host of BB10-based smartphones planned for launch in March of next year, including the BlackBerry London and Milan.

Are you excited for new BlackBerry smartphones and tablets, with a completely new OS (whatever it ends up being called)?

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Via: Electric Pig