Rockstar reveals GTA V box art

Rockstar has finally revealed the box art for the hugely hyped Grand Theft Auto V, despite previously promising to reveal it in January. Better late than never though, right?

The cover continues the standard GTA feel of 80s-style illustration and features the game’s three main characters; Michael, Franklin and Trevor. There’s also a very Audi TT-like sports car, jetski, helicopter, pretty lady holding a phone that looks suspiciously like an iPhone 4S, and a terrifying dog.

Of course, there’s little to take away from the cover art that we don’t already know about the game. GTA V will differ from previous titles in the long-running series by using not one but three main characters, which the gamer can switch between to play out completely different missions and paths in the game. This method looks set to make the game very varied and interesting, hopefully for longer.

Rockstar pushed back the launch of Grand Theft Auto V from spring of this year to September 17th. Writing this now we’re realising that it’s now pretty much ‘spring 2013’ and we could very well be enjoying a new GTA game within a matter of weeks, but we’re just going to let that go and not get upset.

Only Xbox 360 and PS3 have been confirmed as platforms to carry the game, although PC and Wii U titles are still a possibility.

What do you think of the cover art?



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