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Roku & 3M Launching Streaming Projector for Movies on the Move

Ever fancied taking a trip on the retro side and hosting your own drive-in movie? Well U.S based consumer electronics co. Roku and manufacturer 3M have come together to make those dreams come true (on a bit smaller scale) with their new Streaming Projector.

Switch on your Wi-Fi and grab your popcorn and let the little palm-sized box beam a 120-inch projection of your favourite movie or TV show direct from the web. All this comes in a respectable 60 lumens of brightness with sharp WVGA quality, ideal on a wall or flat surface in a dark or only dimly lit room.

Roku provides the streaming internet, its area of expertise, via a USB stick and 3M, a jack of all trades, provides the projector hardware which has a lengthy life-span of two and a half hours off a full charge. Enough for your average blockbuster or a few episodes of the Walking Dead but don’t plan on getting mates round for Lord of the Rings!

The diminutive Streaming Projector comes in at quite a sizeable cost, launching at $299.99 at the end of the month. There’s no news of a definite U.K shipping schedule but with Roku making a steady push into the internet video market over here with the help of BBC we shouldn’t be waiting too long before we’ll be taking our home theatre on the move!

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