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Rumoured Sony NEX-3N Caught On Camera

Well, a picture has finally surfaced of the much-rumoured NEX-3N compact system camera from Sony.

The much talked about device was thought to be announced at the CP+ event but that never materialised and now it’s thought that Sony may take advantage of the hype that will be surrounding the PlayStation 4 press release on the 20th of this month in order to announce some other new Sony products, such as the NEX-3N.

The picture was submitted by an anonymous source over on the Sony Alpha Rumours site and shows the top of the camera, where the model number can be clearly seen on the left-hand side. The person who sent over the picture also informed the site that the camera features a 16-megapixel sensor, very similar to that of the Sony NEX-F3 (probably the same one).

Now although it seems very similar on first impressions, one of the obvious differences is that the 3N features a zoom control button for use with the 16-500 PZ and also the 18-200 PZ lenses, both of which will be available for the camera.

Also, along with the expected announcement of the NEX-3N, it’s thought that Sony will announce at least two other models – the first being the SLT-A38 and the second the SLT-A58. But really, the burning question is exactly when these models will be officially announced. Although there is a lot of talk about the NEX-3N and possibly the other two models being announced alongside the PlayStation event later this month, personally we can’t see this happening – after all, we would imagine that the announcement of the new cameras would be quickly lost among the hype generated by the new games console.

Instead, we would imagine that Sony may decide to wait until April time to announce the new cameras, most probably during the NAB Show, which is held in Las Vegas and runs from the 6th – 11th of that month. We guess we’ll just have to sit back and wait to see what happens.