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Samsung Cut Prices On Galaxy S6 phones

Samsung’s predicted that in their second quarter of 2015 they would miss its goals when it comes to the sale of its flagship devices, they were unfortunately for them right. Samsung’s profits fell four percent making a profit of $5.9 billion, and the mobile divisions fared poorly, making only $2.4 billion compared to $3.8 billion from the same quarter last year.

Samsung now have their work cut out is they are going to catch up in the second half of 2015, made worse as they are soon going to be up against Apple again who are about to reveal its new iPhones. Apple has been Samsung’s main rival when it comes to smartphones. In order to combat this Samsung is cutting the price on both its Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge models. On top of this they are already planning to introduce new premium smartphones: the company has already teased an event for August 13th, where it’s likely to introduce a new Galaxy Note and a larger S6 Edge, if in doubt make it bigger.

Samsung’s made a mistake with the release of the S6 by underestimating the popularity of the S6 Edge, leaving them unable to keep up with a huge demand for it. This lost them valuable sales which may have gone a long way to negate this drop.

Whether that will change with the S6’s price drop and Samsung’s upcoming phones remains to be seen.