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Samsung expects smartphone sales slowdown despite record profits

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After Nokia and Apple, Samsung has revealed its financial report for Q4 of 2012, and the figures are very impressive, with $52.45 billion in revenue.

In just the last three months of 2012 Samsung racked up profits of $8.27 billion, which is partly attributed to a jump in the sales of its Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III smartphones during the festive period.

The results show that Samsung is selling around 700,000 mobile phones every day, which is a mind-blowing figure. Just over 63 million smartphones were sold in the last three months alone, which is considerably more than Apple’s Q4 result of 48 million iPhones.

Perhaps the most impressive figure is found when you compare Samsung’s profits from Q4 2012 with Q4 of 2011 – a huge jump of 89 per cent. The Korean company has shot up in the popularity stakes thanks to the success of its flagship phones and a momentous advertising campaign that saw everyone from footballers to fashion models rocking Samsung.

However, Samsung doesn’t expect its success to keep growing so wildly. The company predicts a slowdown in smartphone sales as this year progresses, which it puts down to “intensified competition”.

Samsung’s financial report notes that its Note and Galaxy Tab ranges of tablets will come under harsh competition from other manufacturers, but it expects to keep things going with a push into emerging markets, presumably with cheap Android-based phones.

Looking at Samsung and Apple’s Q4 financial reports together it’s easy to see that these two companies are going to be duking it out for the top spot this year, and we’re excited to see both have up their sleeves.