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Samsung Galaxy Alpha Photo, Date and Specifications Leak

It’s leaks ahoy for the Samsung Galaxy Alpha as not only has the Android handset been spotted ‘in the wild’ sporting an incredibly iPhone-like appearance but it’s also been priced and dated for a release later on August the 13th.

Firstly to address that look, the most recent snapshot of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha’s presumed final appearance shows a design that’s incredibly close to the Apple iPhone signature style. From the streamlined design, shape and squared corners to the metal edging (Samsung no longer using an entirely plastic casing) it’s clear to see more than a little reference here.

Samsung’s summer smartphone release will co-incidentally go head to head with the upcoming iPhone 6 (to be announce September 16th) and if you were to put both white models of the respective devices side by side on the high street shelves the layman might be easily fooled be it not for the Samsung logo etched above the 4.7” HD AMOLED display.

Other details now spotted on the manufacturer’s website (even ahead of an official picture) reveals the Samsung Galaxy Alpha to come in at least a 32GB model and mentions the handset’s availability in black, either contradicting the leaked image or suggesting it will come in both black and white variants.

Specifications both stated on the site and rumoured from other sources include an LTE enabled Exynos chip (octo-core), 2GB of RAM, 12-megapixel rear camera and Android 4.4.4 KitKat as operating system.

The pre-order price straight from the Samsung outlet for a SIM free model is £549 (inc. VAT) and as mentioned above the Samsung Galaxy Alpha will be released on August 13th.

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