Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch revealed for the first time in leaked pictures

We’ve known that Samsung has been working on some sort of smartwatch for a while and now, just days before the device is rumoured to be revealed at IFA 2013, a number of pictures have potentially given away its design.

Thanks to VentureBeat, the Samsung Galaxy Gear has been revealed in the flesh in a selection of pictures just ahead of its official launch alongside the Galaxy Note III. We’re still taking the images with a pinch of salt of course, although going by their quality, they look to be screenshots from some sort of promotional video.

Numerous sources have already weighed in on the matter, with GigaOm reporting that the watch in the pictures is in fact not the finished product. The site claims that the device in the pictures is in fact a prototype and that the final design, which will be revealed on Wednesday, will be much slimmer and sleeker. To us, the watch resembles the familiar shape of a Galaxy smartphone, although it does look a little long.

The report which came alongside the images suggests that the Galaxy Gear will sport a 3-inch OLED touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity and its own 4 megapixel camera – the latter being a feature we’ve not really seen before on a smartwatch. The device is of course intended to be a companion to your Galaxy smartphone and will marry up via Bluetooth, with apps installable on the watch to add features.

We’re also told that the watch will work with Samsung’s S Voice software, meaning that if you’re not one for fiddling with small screens, you can control your watch – and possibly then your Galaxy phone as well – with simple voice controls.

If Samsung does indeed launch the Galaxy Gear smartwatch this Wednesday, it would allow the company to beat its rivals Apple and Google to the punch. Both been heavily rumoured to be working on similar devices, with Google recently buying out a smartwatch company and Apple being embroiled in ‘iWatch’ rumours for the past year or so.

Stay tuned for our coverage of the IFA tech show later this week for the full lowdown on the Galaxy Gear.