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Samsung Galaxy S II and USB on the go… a match made in heaven!!

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With the release of the powerful Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung is keen to show off what it can do, and as part of this they are intending on releasing a “USB on the go” accessory allowing you to use your favorite USB devices on your Galaxy S II.

However those clever people over at XDA developers have found out that any standard USB on the go cable with a micro USB port will allow you to start using this handy feature sooner than Samsung had intended.

The handset itself is powerful enough to support standard USB pen drives on its own, but add in an externally powered USB hub, or USB drive with its own power supply and watch the possibilities grow.

With a fast enough data transfer speed to watch 1080p videos, just put a HD movie on your USB pen drive and watch through your phone without transferring it to your phone from PC.

Although this is possibly not something for everyone, the ever growing possibilities in the world of mobile phones never ceases to impress us.

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