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Samsung Galaxy S4 will not show up at MWC next month

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Dashing the hopes of gadget fans the world over, rumours of the Galaxy S4 making an early appearance next month at MWC have seemingly been debunked.

Rumours of the highly anticipated phone’s launch have recently been building, with the most popular report suggesting that Samsung would show it off for the first time at next month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The stage would be perfect – the biggest mobile phone-focused event in the world and before Apple would reveal a new iPhone. However, it seems Samsung won’t be following tradition by holding a ‘Mobile Unpacked’ event at the show.

Pocket-Lint has received word from sources familiar with Samsung’s plans, who have said that Samsung will not be a big presence at the show, which takes place in Barcelona next month.

This would make it highly unlikely that the company would launch a flagship phone at the show without a big media event to generate hype and attention. So when will the phone actually be revealed? Going by last year’s S3 reveal, a late March/early April event is more likely.

Samsung will however be launching new products at MWC, with the focus expected to be on tablets. Three new Galaxy Tab 3 tablets are expected to make their debut at the show alongside the Galaxy Note 8.0, which we’ve caught in pictures recently.

With HTC looking set to launch its flagship M7 phone before the event and Sony already revealing its Xperia Z at CES last month, it looks as though MWC will be an event for the likes of Huawei and ZTE to shine.