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Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom with 16MP camera leaks again

After today’s Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini leak it’s looking like Samsung is making a third S4 handset in its range, as leaks of a reported Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom have appeared online.

Now all the information is strictly to be filed under the rumour pile, but a rumoured spin-off to the S4 called the S4 Zoom has appeared online in a leaked phone alongside the earlier leaked Samsung Glaxy S4 Mini handset.

We have expected a Galaxy S4 Mini since the success of last year’s Galaxy S3 Mini, but the Zoom looks to be another S range family handset for the high end market with a super large camera sensor.

The Galaxy S4 Zoom will reportedly be a version of the S4 but this time with a whopping 16-megapixel camera and an actual optical zoom lens, hence the name ‘S4 Zoom’. At first we weren’t convinced the rumour could have any ground, but with an alleged model number, the SM-C1010,  listed on the Bluetooth SIG (the body that manages Bluetooth certification), it could  well be on its way.

If this is the case then the camera changes alone could warrant an alternative version of the S4 with the same specifications inside but with a higher powered camera. It’ll be interesting to see if the phone will come with the 8 core processor the UK and Europe missed out on with the S4’s initial release.

In other S4 news, the original Samsung Galaxy S4 is also expected to get a slight refresh just over a month after release, as Japanese network NTT Docomo has hinted at a new Blue Arctic colour variant will be landing soon.