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Samsung Galaxy SIII Gets CyanogenMod 9, ToolKit and Other Rooted Goodies

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The Samsung Galaxy SIII has more than enough features to keep the average user very busy, but we know there are Android fanatics out there that just need to do more. We’re talking rooting, custom software and tweaks here.

Samsung’s superphone has only been on the market for a couple of weeks but eager developers have been hard at work creating ways to crack open the software to make room for improvements and tweaks, and the results are now starting to show.

A method to gain root access was discovered before the phone was even released, and now several custom ROMs and software packages have been put up over at XDA-Developers. Firstly, one of the most widely used custom Android ROMS, CyanogenMod 9, is ready to use on the Galaxy SIII. You’ll need to gain root access to your device first of all, but once installed you’ll get a more standard Android 4.0 look and feel, with the usual selection of extra goodies and features that come with CM9.

More recently we’ve seen a full Toolkit launched for those who love extra control over their smartphone. This all-in-one software package allows you to root your device, install drivers automatically, backup and restore everything or single packages, backup your micro SD card, perform a full Nandroid backup, flash images and much, much more. You can find more information on the Toolkit over at XDA here.

Now that root access is offered for S3 users in a number of ways, software tweaks and additions will start to flood in. One of the best we’ve seen so far modifies the 8-megapixel camera, allowing Full HD 1080p video to be recorded at a higher bitrate of 30Mbit per second. The S3 will not allow you to open the Camera app if the battery is below 15%, a restriction which this software removes. It also allows you to open the camera app while in a call, use volume keys to take pictures and remove all camera sounds. With root access, ‘Cam Mod’ can be downloaded as a regular apk file and installed onto your device with ease.

Rooting your phone will invalidate your warranty, and unless you’re confident with this sort of thing we recommend doing plenty of reading up before taking a stab at it. Gadget Helpline obviously cannot be held responsible for any problems with your phone that may occur as a result of rooting or installing any unauthorised software.

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