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Samsung Galaxy SIII Delayed: Pebble Blue Officially Confirmed for 2-3 Weeks – Marble White Also Shipping 2 Days Late

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There’s sad news for pre-ordering customers and those waiting in line to grab the Samsung Galaxy SIII, which was scheduled to go on sale from tomorrow. After rumours that the Pebble Blue version of the quad-core Android ICS smartphone will be delayed, this believed to be following a production fault with the casing, Samsung has officially confirmed that this is true.

Rumour is suggesting that the problem lies with the colouring of the Pebble Blue casing which is said to be a “newly invented” shade and to insure the highest quality Samsung has had to postpone its shipping with around 600,000 back covers discarded due to the tone error and difficulties with the gadget’s coating. The company promises “a short supply of Pebble Blue version is expected in some regions in the next 2-3 weeks”

But that’s not all the bad news this morning – We’ve heard from the Gadget Helpline’s own Galaxy SIII stockist that the Marble White version is also subject to delay due to unknown circumstances and will not be shipped until Friday. This appears to be a widespread issue for all retailers which again stems from Samsung and we await word from the mobile manufacturer regarding a reason for yet another delay and also how they will compensate the more than 9-million early buyers who, like us, have been waiting a long time for this one.

[Original Post 28/05/12:]

A suggested production fault has reportedly delayed the arrival of many of the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy SIII handsets which were due to hit the U.K this Wednesday.

If you’re one of more than 9-million pre-order customers who have already paid for your Galaxy gadget and liked the look of the Pebble Blue edition, rather than the Marble White – this news will without doubt come as a kick in the stones.

The blue casing of around 600,000 devices is said to have been affected by a last minute glitch that prevented the devices from passing quality control checks. The exact fault hasn’t been addressed and no official word has been given as to the real reason for this potentially embarrassing and disappointing hold-up.

A number of web sources are reporting the same thing but we’re treating this as rumour for the time being and hoping the Samsung Galaxy SIII will arrive to all customers in two days. Fortunately the Gadget Helpline will be receiving the Marble White edition and will be offering our readers a series of features on the quad-core Android Ice Cream Sandwich device’s unboxing as well as an overall review including tools such as S Voice and comparison against a leading rival. We will also be following this rumour to bring you the latest developments on the arrival of the Pebble Blue model.

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