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Samsung Galaxy SIII: Another “Leaked” Photo of Quad-core Android ICS Mobile Appears

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Another day, another Samsung Galaxy SIII “leak” – seems that way doesn’t it! We’re days away from that most anticipated of launches, which will see the Korean company unveiling one of this year’s top gadgets and again more photos have surfaced, allegedly of the Galaxy in question.

This time the Android ICS-running device appears on a Chinese website and is seen as a thin looking smartphone with four buttons at the bottom of the screen, the branding seems to be obscured by the yellow band which covers the top portion usually where the name “Samsung” appears – but everything about the gadget’s look seems to suggest it’s a Galaxy. The clock is ticking with the official announcement due next Thursday.

This latest SGSIII "leak" comes from China.

Until the final word on the SGSIII emerges a big confirmation of the impressive spec came from the Germany version of the online retail site Amazon who have launched a page marker for the “Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone” suggesting the super-smartphone will be available in “schwarz” or black and it’s said to feature 4.7” Super AMOLED display, 12-megapixel camera and come carrying the Android 4.0 ce Cream Sandwich OS.

The specifications listed also states that the SGSIII will also feature 16GB internal memory and storage expansion up to 32GB with MicroSD. This all shapes up with details that were previously only rumour, but being released by a reputable retailer such as Amazon does add to the legitimacy.

But not even Amazon can grab an official snap of the new Samsung Galaxy SIII which is set to be officially seen for the first time in an Unpacked event in London on May the 3rd after numerous faked and “leaked” shots which have surfaced in recent weeks.

An estimated price of around £490 has been touted for the SGSIII – but as of yet no release date. U.K networks such as O2 and Vodafone are already on board to supply the must have gadget when it finally launches.

Another SGSIII snapshot - this one from Vietnam.

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